Monday, October 26, 2009

More Fun Shots of Me Working

My wife Claudia will ask me why there is dust on my pants . . .Ok granted these black photos are kind of pointless, but the lack of shiny reflective things means JD was essentially right - there is not much up there.

Risking life and limb for the class (ha ha)
Can't get up the ladder fast enough
more action shots
my those fluorescents are bright
the vent
electrical conduit pipe, seems to run along the seams
At least in theory, we could do a box that sits inside the ceiling, there is enough height and seemingly no obstructions.

As anyone who has ever dealt with these types of ceiling tiles before (or a ceiling such as this) nothing is ever easy when you get right down to it.

The salient details. The main tiles are 24" x 48" (exactly).
The cut tiles (towards the front) are 24"x 10"Check out my hi-tech measuring device.

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