Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Obsession with the 'virtual world' is an ingrained characteristic of my persona. 'Virtual' here is not just the simulation of stereoscopic reality in a 2D space but the spiritual calling in my dreams. I feel that physical reality is the reduction of the metaphysical unknowns. I have sat up in the middle of the night trying to recall a vivid dream that I had just had. Visions of intergalactic adventures(even before I had seen star wars), claustrophobic spaces, transformation of the physical self have plagued my dreams ever since I was little.

In this project I explore myself in this connection between the known physical realms and the unknown realms as I view and imagine them. Capturing this transformation of a simple physical geometrical representation of my physical self in a cube into visions of my metaphysical spirit is what I plan to achieve in this project. The transformation can be experienced by interacting personally with my physical self.

In this sketch I show the technical aspects involved. The visual would be in OpenGL through PD-Gem or through Processing. Pd can play audio. The virtual + physical connection will be achieved through the arduino.

Some Images of my cube

P.S : I still have those dreams and I'm gonna have them produced some day through Joe Pankowski's Dream Reproductions. You need to check it out! Its sooooo.. cool! :)


  1. I like the breathing feature. Connecting that to the displayed image will make it seems alive and personal. What images are you think of? - Drew

  2. I was thinking of just a single color for the cube that fades in and out (color probably changes for each breathing cycle or just a shade of green), to represent inhaling and exhaling and match that with the cycle of my normal breathing cycle.

    Then matching that on the LED inside the cube. I wanted to include a Proximity IR or other distance sensor that causes the response rather than the photoresistor.