Monday, October 26, 2009

Final Collaborative Project

I think Andrew and JD did a great (and very important) job by taking an immediate tour of the "guts" of the ceiling. Glad to see that there were not a whole lot of "guts" to be found. I think something that would make me feel a lot more comfortable about this process would be to make a timeline of when we plan on getting these tiles made, wired, and how we plan to delegate the work. Personally, I think that this will turn in to a much larger construction project than what we are imagining right now. Without a plan, timeline and agreed upon work schedule this project could very well turn in to a mess. Tomorrow in class I would like to brainstorm and come up with a timeline that I think should accompany our proposal. I would be more than happy to put this timeline together once we collectively agree on a plan of action.

As a side note, I think it would be wise for everyone to take a look at Andrew's sketch over the photograph denoting the task lighting and accent lighting. I think this is the most effective and doable amount of work for us to complete together within the given time frame. I hate to be the group downer/pessimist but I honestly think that replacing the ceiling in its entirely in one month, wiring, and programming it on top of all of our loaded and different class schedules will end in disaster. We might want to consider this drawing as an option for how to approach the project. I think that it makes the most sense.

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