Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where we're at so far.....

So far the panels are coming along, hopefully we can get the structures done by thursday.
Also I know we'll need more pine and there's one more trip to home depot.

A couple of the things we discussed about the project box were:

-How many switches it would need
-How big it would have to be to house the arduinos
-Where it would be placed

We decided on 1 switch and 1 potentiometer and Brittany found a nice project box at radio shack for $6.99

Also the only other thing on our list that we dont have yet is the power supply.
In total we will need 117 watts. Brittany also found a good power supplly for 19.99

The assembly team has decided to use wire metal as part of the super structure to make the dome part.
There was some discrepancy on what material to use to secure every thing since they were
afraid super glue would melt if the leds got too hot. So they decided on twisty ties.

Our order of wire came in, and we know they do work with the megabrite since we tested
them out. Me and Shaheer have finished assembling the wires (the first step) and will be
done with the second step by the end of Thursday.

That is all!!! Keep up the good work every one!:)

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