Monday, November 9, 2009

Simple Wiring Diagram

OK. Here is the simple wiring diagram, based on my previous post. All the megabrites are addressed in a chain. These lines represent the 6-wire ribbons (each are spaced approximately two feet apart). We do need a little wiggle room, since we haven't finalized the exact panel design (at least where on the panel the MegaBrites will sit). In either case, there won't be much variation, I think, from this. The MegaBrite documentation also suggests that each MegaBrite should get its own power. I am assuming that we can just run a wire (in parallel) to all the MegaBrites according to this same scheme + to -, + to - on the screwd0wn pins. Y'all with me?
Which means we'd have to run that same wire back to ground. NOTE: all the above assumes that the Arduino is attached to position 10 near the first megabrite. Here we'd also have a control knob (dimmer) and the on/off switch and a USB cable sticking out of the wall for the programming mode. Whoa- there's a patch panel for ya.

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