Thursday, September 24, 2009


I propose to build an interactive system consisting of:

Projector/Projection Screen

Matrix of floor tiles, each with a hidden momentary switch

(2) Powered speakers


The basic logic of the piece is that the momentary switches (which can be scaled up to 16 or down to 4) are either in an up or down state, and the amount of switches in a down state determines what video (from a possible three videos) will play. In the case of the matrix consisting of four tiles:

(1) Switch triggers video A

(2-3) Switches trigger video B

(4) Switches trigger video C

The Audio component will be mixed in the pre-processed videos.

The control system will be a computer running Pure Data/GEM. A high-level description of the Pd/GEM patch is:

Pd/GEM receives one of (3) possible outcomes

gemwin with fullscreen enabled plays appropriate video

IF an additional switch is thrown, Pd/GEM crossfades to the appropriate video based on the number of total switches

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